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Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Connection's worldwide shipping service pays attention to all of the details, and we know how to safely pack, crate and ship your freight to ensure that everything arrives in excellent condition.

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Packing Services

Depending on your budget, we can offer you a full range of packing services to suit your needs. We offer a pick up only service if you choose to pack your own goods, or we can provide a full pack move.

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Custom Crating

Custom shipping and crating services are available to better protect your fine art, antiques, furniture, pianos, motorcycles and any valuables of unusual size or delicate, breakable objects.

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Shipping Connection is the premier professional services palletizing company. We specialize in packing and palletizing, palletizing for shipping as well as all palletizing services in general.

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Lift Vans

A liftvan is a plywood crate built specifically for international shipments. A standard liftvan is approximately 200 cubic feet (87” high x 87”x long x 48” wide) though liftvans can be made to fit any sized shipment.

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Shipping Containers

If your shipment is large enough (generally over 650 cubic feet) it may be more cost effective to ship in a container. Containers are large metal boxes that are loaded onto steamships for international transit.

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How we can help?

As more and more companies expand internationally and global barriers melt away, many people find themselves moving to another country. Meeting new people and getting adjusted to a new culture are just a couple of the joys and challenges faced when moving to a foreign country.

Price Guideline $/Lb

Canada $ 5.60
China $ 12.60
Mexico $ 6.00
Japan $ 9.60
Germany $ 9.30
Korea, South $ 9.60
United Kingdom $ 9.30
France $ 9.30
India $ 14.00
Taiwan $ 9.60
Brazil $ 20.00
Italy $ 9.60
Netherlands $ 9.00
Belgium $ 9.00
Switzerland $ 9.30